Custom Products


We are excited you’re considering creating your own Fluff Monkey! 

Currently we have the capability of allowing you to design a personalized color combination.  In the near future, we will also be able to personalize Fluff Monkey with your name, logo or message. (Strict restrictions will apply to trademarked images.)   

To customize your Fluff Monkey, choose from our colors and prints below!

  • Create your own by selecting 1 to 12 colors for your Fluff Monkey!
  • Set your quantity to “1” for colors that you would like to use.
  • 1 Fluff monkey is $34.95
  • 2 Fluff Monkeys are $31.95 each
  • 3 Fluff Monkeys are $28.95 each
  • 4+ Fluff Monkeys are $25.95 each
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1 Fluff monkey is $34.95; 2 Fluff Monkeys are $31.95 each; 3 Fluff Monkeys are $28.95 each; 4+ Fluff Monkeys are $25.95 each!