How do I care for my Fluff Monkey?

Wash with laundry in wash machine, use cool water, like colors. Dry in dryer. Some of the darker colors may bleed into the lighter colors, especially the whites.

How is a Fluff Monkey used for grooming horses?

Best for horses that have a short coat. There are multiple ways a Fluff Monkey can be used. At the ringside or just before showing, dust the horses body, face and legs. Can go over the rider’s boots at the same time. For daily grooming, use the Fluff Monkey to promote the oils from his skin to coat the hair by rubbing the Fluff Monkey with a little bit of pressure and speed to produce friction. This massages his muscles as well. Best to go across the direction of hair growth, not with the growth. Add some oils to the Fluff Monkey to really help shine.

What if my Fluff Monkey falls apart?

In the past six years, we have only had 5-6 Fluff Monkeys come apart. Since then, manufacturing has changed a little and we have not had any returns. If you should have a defective Fluff Monkey, take a picture and contact us at info@fluffmonkey.com, and we will send you a new Fluff Monkey. It can only be replaced if it breaks with normal use.

How are the Fluff Monkeys made?

The fabric is cut with a special die, assembled and trimmed by hand. The firm center of the Fluff Monkey is simply concentrated fabric.

Why does adding colors to my custom Fluff Monkey increase the cost?

During the manufacturing process, rolls of fabric need to be changed with each color. This significantly increases manufacturing time.

How long does it take to receive my custom order?

Production time depends on the quantity you requested and the season. Typically, your order is shipped within two to three business days. If circumstances require more production time, we will contact you.

How is my order shipped?

United States Postal Service

Can I have my team logo placed on my custom order?

We currently are exploring options to offer this service. However, logos and images that are copyrighted cannot be used unless authorized by the copyright owner.

Are there retail stores selling Fluff Monkeys?

Yes, Fluff Monkeys currently are in tack shops across the country. Please contact your local store and inquire. If they do not carry Fluff Monkey, please have them give us a call!

What is the life expectance of a Fluff Monkey?

This is unknown. We are continually seeing original Fluff Monkeys from six years ago.

Why are some of my Fluff Monkey fringes not cut?

Fluff Monkeys are cut by hand and occasionally one fringe may be hiding. Simply snip this wild fringe with scissors.

My Fluff Monkey doesn’t clean or buff as well as it did when I received it?

It needs a bath! Wash and thoroughly dry your Fluff Monkey!

My Fluff Monkey is not the same size as my friend’s Fluff Monkey?

Each Fluff Monkey is made by hand and trimmed without machinery. Sizes and weights may vary.

My Fluff Monkey leaves sparkly fibers on my boots.

Certain fabric may give off Fluff Monkey dust. If this is not a desired effect for you, simply wash your Fluff Monkey and dry in the dryer.

My colors are not as vibrant as they were when I first took it home.

The colors may fade with bright sunlight and use over time.

I purchased my Fluff Monkey out of town and it broke?

Simply take a picture and contact us at info@fluffmonkey.com. We will get back to you and discuss replacing the defective Fluff Monkey.

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