Past & Future Product Ideas

Over the past six years, I have had some fun with projects and ideas for Fluff Monkey.

The Pony Poms are hair ties initially created for the pony riders and their braids.  However, I believe these are best worn for fun by any little girls for any reason.

Sweet Fluffings are versions of Fluff Monkeys adorning hats. Just for fun. We were able to create some unique styled sun hats for many daring ladies.

Ugly Holiday Sweater, not so ugly by some! We were attending a holiday gathering where an Ugly sweater contest was being held. I thought for sure I would win! However, everyone felt the sweater was too cute to count as UGLY!

College Graduation Gown Fun… As a part of tradition at my daughter’s college, certain ceremonies are held wearing gowns they create and pass along to underclassmen. We decided to decorate her gown with college colored mini Fluff Monkeys!

Mini Fluff Monkey Keychains. These are simply smaller versions of Fluff Monkeys. Will be available beginning in 2017. These are great for cleaning the smudges off of your phone or other electronics. Nice as a keychain, not as big as the original Fluff Monkey. They measure approximately 3 inches in diameter and will be customizable.

Flaces… Funny strings of Fluff Monkey fabric used in place of shoe laces!

Stylus Pen Jewelry… A Super Mini Fluff Monkey attached to the end of a stylus pen!

Fluff Monkey Pillows… A very soft and squishy pillow made with Fluff Monkey fabric and a Fluff Monkey button in the center.

Flip Flops… As you can see, a flip flop with a Fluff Monkey between the toes!

This is a larger Fluff Monkey that is used to wash your horse or pony (best with clipped or short hair). It is great for washing cars, trucks and even BOATS! Great for wheels!

This Fluff Monkey is basically the same as all the others except primarily black and the fabric curls a little differently. This was developed for the folks that just wanted to polish their BOOTS and shoes without any fancy colors.

Simply tiny Fluff Monkey dangle earrings.

These items, along with a Fluff Monkey, were put together with the horseshow mom in mind. Disposable gloves, towel, brushes, polish, applicator sponge and storage bag included.

This is just a sample of Fluff Monkey world. If you have any requests for special projects, please do not hesitate to email We may be able to put our creative thinking caps on and make something together!

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