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Fluff Monkeys can be ordered in larger quantities and made specifically for teams, schools or organizations in their preferred colors. Please complete the information form and we will get back to you within a few business days to discuss your options and pricing. Discounts will apply.

We enjoy creating and brainstorming to meet our customer needs. Please do not hesitate to present any ideas you may have!

Feel free to contact Kathy directly at (717)779-5438, with any questions.

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CamouflageLeopardTigerZebraWhiteIvorySilverGoldYellow NeonGreen NeonOrange NeonPink NeonYellow LemonYellowOrangePink BubblegumFuchsiaCrimsonBlue BabyBlue SkyAquamarineTealBlue TropicalOrchidLilacTurquoiseBlue RoyalBlue NavyCeleryGreen MintSeafoamGreen KellyBurgundy WineChocolate BrownBlackGold AthleticCoralCeriseRaspberryGray SteelGreen MallardGreen HunterRed BrickKhakiGreen Lime GloPurple

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