Join the Fluff Monkey Obsession!

Kids from 2 to 100-years-old are enjoying the fun of collecting Fluff Monkeys.

Fluff Monkey is a blend of getting a job done and play. The colorful ball of fabric can buff, dust, wash, entertain, relax, stylize, apply, identify, reward and represent! Handmade in the USA with colorful, durable, washable materials. This ball of fabric is customizable so everyone can show off their true colors. Colors as simple as your favorite pink to representing your favorite team with RED, WHITE AND BLUE! WEAR them, USE them, SHOW THEM OFF! Spread the word and let’s all obsess!


Fluff Monkeys can be ordered in larger quantities and made specifically for teams, schools or organizations in their preferred colors.

Please complete the information form and we will get back to you within a few business days to discuss your options and pricing.

Discounts will apply.

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