Our Process

Unique Product Spawns a Special Program

We thought we had a special, but simple product, but as it turns out, the process of making Fluff Monkeys is even more special. Through a family friend working at a local high school, we were introduced to the Life Skills Program which allowed us to offer an opportunity to their special needs students. Through the help of this program, we've developed tools according to the varying abilities of the students.

Now the manufacturing process is spread out into many steps so that we can accommodate each students ability level, and as some students become more efficient in a task, they are offered the responsibility to teach other classmates that particular skill. These students not only learn how to perform a task, but also learn how to teach others. They learn leadership, responsibility, support, and ultimately develop pride and confidence.

This process and program has injected so much more pride and life into our humble manufacturing process. These young students bring with them a fun new energy. They enjoy their time here, and we love working with them, and ssing them excel! Some have even earned part-time employment with Fluff Monkey through their great work and dedication. We are so grateful that they've become a part of our company. 

Who Needs a Fluff Monkey?

We offer 4 ordering options, which cover customized and/or in-stock styles for anyone who wants one. Retailers for those looking to buy in bulk and sell them in their store or at events. Plus teams / organizations looking to either brand and outfit their team or group, or create a fundraising opportunity.