We Know You Must Have Questions…Here Are A Few Answers to the Most Common Ones

How do I care for my Fluff Monkey?

Wash with laundry in wash machine, use cool water, like colors. Dry in dryer. Some of the darker colors may bleed into the lighter colors, especially the whites.

How is a Fluff Monkey used for grooming horses?
What if my Fluff Monkey falls apart?
How are the Fluff Monkeys made?
Why does adding colors to my custom Fluff Monkey increase the cost?
How long does it take to receive my custom order?
How is my order shipped?
Can I have my team logo placed on my custom order?
Are there retail stores selling Fluff Monkeys?

Yes, Fluff Monkeys currently are in tack shops across the country. Please contact your local store and inquire. If they do not carry Fluff Monkey, please have them give us a call!

What is the life expectancy of a Fluff Monkey?
Why are some of my Fluff Monkey fringes not cut?
Why doesn’t my Fluff Monkey clean or buff as well as it used to?
My Fluff Monkey is not the same size as my friend’s Fluff Monkey?
Why does my Fluff Monkey leave sparkly fibers on my boots?
Why are my colors not as vibrant as when I first took it home?
What if I purchased my Fluff Monkey and it broke?