In-Stock Fluff Monkeys


We've designed some very cool styles that we keep in stock. 
You can order as many as you like using the form on this page.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Complete the form on this page
  2. Choose  from 3" or 4" sizes & styles
  3. Choose an many as you want
  4. Use the sample photos (below) for reference
  5. Be sure all of the required fields are complete
  6. Submit your order
  7. We contact you for payment
  8. Wait for your Fluff Monkey to arrive!

Each and every Fluff Monkey we design is handmade and carefully crafted. Remember, if you have question or concerns just contact us. We've designed a Fluff Monkey that'll give you or someone you love years of stylish enjoyment!


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Choose From Our In-Stock Creations!

Cerise & Purple
Cerise & Seafoam
Jade, Black & White
Lavender, Bubblegum & Steel Gray
Lemon Tree
Navy & Steel Gray
Orchid, Aquamarine & Navy
Pumpkin & Hunter Green
Purple & Lime
Royal Blue & Yellow Neon
Teal & Lime
Teal & Steel Gray
Tropical Ocean
Yellow & Green Neon, Coral